Public Power Works for You

Benefits of Public Power

Austin Energy is a public power, not-for-profit electric utility that has served the community since 1895. We are one of about 2,000 public power utilities nationwide.

Public power means local control and local decision-making. Our customers help determine our electric rates and the policies and programs that meet our local needs.

Public Power and Austin's Quality of Life

When you pay your electric bill, you are contributing to a quality of life that is important to the community.

Our electric rates reflect your priorities:

  • Reliability — Customers expect excellent electric reliability, and Austin Energy works hard to make sure customers have the power they need and expect.
  • Energy Efficiency — Customers look for ways to lower energy use and keep bills affordable. Austin Energy has delivered some of the most comprehensive energy-efficiency programs in the country.
  • Clean Energy — Our environmentally-conscious community wants us to provide clean, renewable energy. Austin Energy is a nationwide leader in providing renewable energy through our subscription-based GreenChoice® program.
  • Affordable Energy — Customers also want their electricity to remain affordable, and they want to provide help to customers who face financial difficulty. The Customer Assistance Program provides discounts and other assistance to help customers pay their utility bill.
  • Livable Community — Austin Energy is a part of this community. The utility transfers a portion of its revenues to the City of Austin’s General Fund to help pay for parks, libraries, recreation centers, and other quality of life improvements that make the Austin area one of the best places in the country to live and work.

Austin Energy strives to provide value to the community. That is the benefit of public power.

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Date last reviewed or modified: 11/01/2021