Pole Attachments

We Meet Your Communication and Data Needs

Austin Energy is an excellent partner in your company's communication deployment plan. We can assist you from contract development to deployment.

  • Our distribution poles throughout Austin can be used for cable TV, data, and internet transmission.
  • Our streamlined application review process helps your company meet project deadlines.
  • Austin Energy is now accepting applications for the attachment of Wireless facilities.

To request a pole attachment, please contact the Austin Energy Pole Attachment Group.

Submit a Pole Attachment Application

All third-party companies must have a signed pole attachment agreement with Austin Energy before applying for attachments on poles owned by Austin Energy. For questions about or to obtain a pole attachment agreement please contact the Austin Energy Pole Attachment Group.

Apply for Wireless or Wireline attachments to Austin Energy’s infrastructure:

Request a Communication Attachment Inventory

Austin Energy can assist in identifying the aerial communication cables attached to Austin Energy's poles.

Electric Make-Ready

Austin Energy is currently accepting proposals from electrical contractors who wish to be included in Austin Energy's List of Qualified Electrical Contractors (pdf) who are authorized to perform work on behalf of Licensees.

Electric Make-Ready Work shall not be performed prior to successful completion of all prerequisites for initiating work on Austin Energy infrastructure. Verify that you have met the Qualification Requirements for Electrical Contractors (pdf).

To propose an electrical contractor be qualified by Austin Energy submit the Qualified Electrical Contractors Request Form (pdf) and Safety Record Questionnaire and Safety Experience (pdf) to the Austin Energy Pole Attachment Group.

Supplemental Documents

Report Problems with Communication Lines

To report issues/violations with communication lines, please contact the Austin Energy Pole Attachment Group.

Issues to report include, but are not limited to:

  • Communication lines on the ground
  • Low-hanging communication lines
  • Tree branches on communication lines
  • Communication lines in disarray
  • Communication lines obstructing traffic signal visibility

Stay Connected

If you would like to receive updates regarding Austin Energy’s Pole Attachment Program, you can register using the Austin Energy Pole Attachment Notification Form.

Infrastructure Agreements, Applications, and Construction

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Date last reviewed or modified: 03/16/2023