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Residential Utility Services with the City of Austin

Austin Energy manages accounts and billing services for all City of Austin utilities.

Your bill includes charges for your City of Austin utility services. Depending on where you live, it can include charges for drainage, electricity, solid waste, street service, wastewater, and water.

City of Austin Utilities
  Customer Care Online Customer Care
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Phone: 512-494-9400

TDD: 512-477-3663

Toll-free: 888-340-6465 - outside Austin

Customer service for electric, water, solid waste, and recycling services with the City of Austin.

Get help with:

  • Residential and commercial utility services
  • New service, transfer, or service disconnection
  • Questions about your account or your bill
  • Deposits and initiation fees
  • Budget billing
  • Payment extensions or payment options
  • Help with high bills

On the web:

You can manage your utility services any time, day or night.

After you have established a utility service account with the City of Austin, you can register with Online Customer Care.


Log in to City of Austin Utilities Online Customer Care to:

  • Pay your bill
  • Set up automatic payments
  • Sign up for paperless eBills
  • Monitor your usage
  • Get tips for reducing your usage
  • Read Austin Utility News monthly newsletter
  • Use a variety of other features


Information on Your Utility Bill

Each bill includes the following information:

  • Account Number — Number to use when calling Customer Care about your account. Include this number on checks and electronic payments. Be sure to include any leading zeroes.
  • Date Due — Date by which to pay bill to avoid penalty.
  • Contact Information — Numbers to call if you have questions.
  • Utility News — Messages or announcements.
  • Contributions — Places on your payment stub to make charitable contributions.
  • Service Details — List of charges for each of your utility services.
  • Authorized Pay Stations and Drop Boxes — Places where you can pay bills or drop off payments.

Charges on Your Utility Bill

If you receive electric service from Austin Energy, your bill will include tiered charges for your electric usage. It also will include other line items, such as customer charge, power supply adjustment, and regulatory, community benefit, and energy efficiency charges.

If you receive other utility services from the City of Austin, your bill could include charges for water, wastewater, solid waste, recycling, and street service.

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Utility Rates and Fees — You can view all current City of Austin utility rates and fees online.

Solar Generation Credits — If you have installed solar on your home, you will receive credit on your bill.

Payment Options

The City of Austin provides a variety of options for paying your utility bill by mail, in person, or online.

Payment Assistance

The City of Austin also offers programs to help customers who face long- or short-term difficulties paying their utility bills.

View eligibility requirements for our Customer Assistance Programs

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Date last reviewed or modified: 1/31/20


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