Austin's Urban Forests

Maintaining a Healthy Tree Canopy for Our Community

Austin Energy works to protect and expand the tree canopy throughout our city. These efforts are widely recognized as contributing to the health of our urban forests.

Both directly and through programs like NeighborWoods, Austin Energy funds the local planting of more than 6,000 trees a year.

The National Arbor Day Foundation has designated Austin Energy a Tree Line USA utility since 2002. The Tree Line USA program recognizes the best practices in utility arboriculture.

Preventing Oak Wilt

Austin Energy’s Certified Arborists and Foresters recognize the danger Oak Wilt poses to our urban forests. To combat its spread, they follow pruning best practices, including all procedures currently recommended by the City of Austin and the Texas Forest Service.

To help prevent the spread of Oak Wilt Austin Energy:

  • Takes care not to schedule routine maintenance work on oak trees in confirmed and “at-risk” Oak Wilt areas from mid-February through June, when the Nitidulidae beetle is active—except when we must prune to prevent imminent outages, restore power, and ensure public safety
  • Sterilizes all pruning equipment before performing any work on oak trees
  • Paints all pruning “wounds” on oak trees year round
Date last reviewed or modified: 6/13/17


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