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Stable Rates Continue Through Fiscal Year 2019

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As part of the FY 2019 budget approval process wrapped up September 11, 2018, the Austin City Council — Austin Energy’s governing board — approved changes in pass-through charges for Austin Energy.

  • For the average residential user, the changes result in a slight decrease in monthly costs from $87 to $86.72.
  • For commercial customers, a slight reduction of 0.2% can be expected.

As a community-owned utility, Austin Energy works to keep rates low for customers. The charges that are changing are dollar-for-dollar recoveries, and when costs change, the charges must change as well.

  • The Power Supply Adjustment and the Regulatory Charge decreased.
  • The Community Benefit Charge regained a previous level after a temporary reduction. This will provide more money for the low-income Customer Assistance Programs and other community benefits. 

Base rates went unchanged. The last base rate change was in 2016, when rates fell by $42.5 million on an annual basis.

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