Approved Electric Rates

Fiscal Year 2022

Austin Energy Adjusted Pass-through Charges

Changes to Austin Energy's pass-through charges, including the Power Supply Adjustment, the Regulatory Charge, and the Community Benefit Charge, were approved September 30, 2021 and are effective as of November 1, 2021.

Residential customers will see little to no effect on their overall monthly bills. Impacts to commercial customers will vary depending on consumption patterns.

  • The Power Supply Adjustment is decreasing by 6.5%. The PSA is a dollar-for-dollar recovery of fuel expenses, electric sales, and purchases in the Electric Reliability Council of Texas wholesale market.
  • The Regulatory Charge is increasing by 19.5% from its current charge, though this is still lower than pre-COVID levels. The Regulatory Charge covers Austin Energy's share of statewide transmission grid costs.
  • The Community Benefit Charge recovers certain costs associated with the Customer Assistance Program, Energy Efficiency Services, and Service Area Lighting. The Community Benefit Charges are unchanged from the previous year.

No changes were made to Austin Energy's base rates through this process.

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