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When The Lights Go Out, Don’t Be In The Dark

¿Habla español?

Consulte el mapa de apagones de Austin Energy para ver si se ha reportado algún apagón.

Puede seleccionar el idioma español en el mapa e introducir su dirección en el campo de búsqueda para localizar su área en el mapa.

Puede reportar un apagón y también inscribirse para recibir alertas de apagones en su teléfono celular.

¿Desea inscribirse para recibir alertas de apagones?
Envíe APA o APAGON por mensaje de texto a 287846.

Llame al 512-494-9400 y presione el 2 para hablar con un representante en español.

When you sign up to receive Outage Alerts from Austin Energy, you will be able to quickly and easily report outages and receive outage status updates using your mobile phone or device. Austin Energy will provide you with the best information available to keep you up-to-date so you can make plans.

Use Your Mobile Device to Sign Up Quickly and Easily

  1. Text REGISTER (or REG) to 287846 (the numbers associated with AUSTIN on a phone keypad). Message and data rates may apply.

    Para español envíe RGS por mensaje de texto a 287846. Se pueden aplicar tarifas de mensajes y datos.

  2. Enter the phone number associated with your account OR your City of Austin utilities account number when prompted. If you are texting from the phone number associated with your account, you'll skip this step. 
  3. Enter your ZIP code.
  4. Enter Y (entre S en español) to agree to Austin Energy Outage Alert Terms and Conditions.

That’s all there is to it — and you only have to register once.

We recommend that you add 287846 to your contacts list as Austin Energy Outage Alerts for convenience.

If you have more than five accounts associated with your phone number, call 512-494-9400 to speak to a representative.

What’s next?

  • If Austin Energy is aware of a power outage at your address, we will automatically text you to let you know when we expect to restore power.
  • You can report outages by simply texting OUT to 287846.
  • You can get status updates during an outage by texting STAT.
  • Text STOP at any time to opt-out of text notifications, PAUSE to stop them for 24 hours, or HELP for other options.

Watch Our "How To" Video for Details

Waiting to Start Electric Service at a New Address? 

Whether you are new to Austin Energy or transferring service to a different address, you can sign up to Get Outage Alerts after the start-of-service date.

How to Use Outage Alerts

Use the following message codes to communicate with Austin Energy during a power outage using your mobile phone:

SMS Text Messaging Codes
Description English (full) English (short) Español
Register for Outage Alerts REGISTER REG RGS
Report a power outage OUTAGE OUT APAGON
Check power restoration status STATUS STAT ESTADO
Temporarily stop receiving Outage Alerts PAUSE PAU INTERRUMPIR
Resume receiving Outage Alerts RESUME RES CONTINUAR
Cancel Outage Alerts STOP STOP ALTO
Get help with Outage Alerts HELP HELP AYUDA


Other Ways to Sign Up for Outage Alerts

To sign up to receive text message alerts on your mobile device, you may also:

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Date last reviewed or modified: 4/9/21


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