"The EV360 Program Cuts My EV Energy Cost in Half"

— Logan Boyd, Austin EV Driver

"With all the things to worry about managing my family's budget, the affordable fixed cost of the EV360 program makes my job that much easier."

What do you like most about the EV360℠ plan?

The best thing about EV360 is the fixed cost. I no longer think about how much "gas" I'm using, how much I'm driving and how much that costs like I would in an internal combustion engine vehicle. In fact, I already know how much it will cost me for an entire year since the $30 a month fee is fixed. 

My expectations, based on my calculations, were that I would save about $30-$40/month by using EV360. My first full month billing cycle, I calculated a savings of $43 and my 2nd month about $25. Since the cost per kWh dropped as the summer billing period ended, my savings were reduced a bit.

 How easy was the installation?

I had my electrician pre-wire my circuit and prepare it for the EV360 program based on the detailed instructions provided. This included a meter can that would later hold the EV360 meter. Installation was done on a day that I was away from home. The installers did not need access to anything inside my garage or house. When I got home from work, my car charger was working as expected. I was able to verify the energy being used by my car charger with the energy readout on the new EV360 meter.

How does the installation look on the house?

The EV360 meter was installed next to my main breaker panel on the outside wall of my garage. This area already had my main house meter, some conduit for my 50A hot tub circuit and some telephone/cable company equipment. The EV360 meter blends in perfectly with the rest of this gear.

Have you had any issues with not charging during peak hours?

My EV has a range of about 250 miles so charging overnight gives me plenty of range for the next day. The peak hour charging limitation has not been a factor for me. 

Just recently, I left town for a long road trip at 3pm but needed to use my car that morning. When I was done driving in the morning, I plugged the car in to charge and by the 2pm cutoff for peak hours my car was fully charged and ready for my road trip. The weekends are more of a dynamic usage and being able to charge the car any time of the weekends eliminates any concern over peak hours.

Overall, are you satisfied with the EV360 program?

Yes, I would recommend it to others who want to save money on their EV energy costs.  With all the things to worry about managing my family's budget, the affordable fixed cost of the EV360 program makes my job that much easier.

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