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Rebates Available to Install Charging Stations for your Residents

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Over 40% of Austin's population lives in multifamily properties. With Austin's growing Plug-in Electric Vehicle community, more and more multifamily residents will want EV charging available.

Benefits to Multifamily Properties

Installing EV charging stations will help you attract residents. Plus we make it as easy and cost-effective as possible.

  • You can earn an Austin Energy Green Building Innovation Point.
  • Austin Energy helps with all billing-related matters for your charging stations.
  • You can enjoy hassle-free maintenance. Austin Energy provides contractors who check, clean, and perform maintenance, as needed, on the station.
  • Austin Energy reimburses hosts for electricity used during charging and pays annual network licensing fees.
  • All stations are powered by Austin Energy GreenChoice® — 100% renewable Texas wind energy.

See why one downtown high-rise planned ahead to meet a growing EV demand (pdf)

Rebates Available

Austin Energy helps by providing a rebate of up to $4,000, or 50% of the cost to install approved Level Two (240V) charging stations and/or EV Level One (120V) outlets. The maximum rebate depends on the equipment you select and if the station is in an existing or new parking area.

Austin Energy is also providing rebates up to $10,000 to hosts who want to install a DC Fast Charger.

Multifamily rebates are for charging station installations that benefit all residents on property. Residents who install charging stations in dedicated spaces (e.g., garages) that are not for property-wide resident use qualify for Electric Vehicle Driver charging station rebates.

Get Ready for Electric Vehicles in Your Multifamily Communities

Follow the steps below to plan how your property can get ready for plug-in electric vehicles:

  • Contact Austin Energy — Email Plug-In Austin your request and we will help you understand electric vehicles, charging technology, and costs. We can also help you find a licensed and experienced contractor.
  • Join our network — Become a part of Austin Energy's Plug-In EVerywhere℠ network and your station will be connected to our network of more than 800 ports in the Austin Energy service area.

Austin Energy takes care of the routine maintenance and operations, and powers all of the stations with 100% renewable energy through our GreenChoice program.  

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Date last reviewed or modified: 6/24/19


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