Electric Ride (E-Ride) Rebate

Rebates Available for Eligible E-Bikes, Scooters, Mopeds, and Motorcycles

Save money by driving electric alternative transportation options like E-bikes, scooters, mopeds, and motorcycles — all of which are eligible for an Austin Energy rebate.

Incentives for Electric bikes (E-bikes), Scooters, Mopeds, and Motorcycles

When you purchase E-bikes or other E-Ride vehicles, you can save money on transportation and maintenance costs. Additionally, going electric helps you:

  • Reduce air pollutants compared to gas-powered cars.
  • Have a convenient and reliable option to get to and from home, work campuses, parks, universities, and other short commutes.
  • Increase visibility of electric transportation.

Rebate Available

Austin Energy electric customers are eligible for qualifying rebates up to:

  • $300 per E-Ride vehicle for individuals.
  • $400 per E-Ride fleet vehicles.

Austin Energy offers eligible individual customers up to $300 to purchase a qualifying E-bike, scooter, moped, motorcycle, or any other electric two or three-wheel vehicle.

Austin Energy is offering eligible businesses and organizations rebates of up to $400 per E-Ride vehicles for fleets numbering 5 to 25 vehicles.*

Details of Austin Energy E-Ride rebates are included in the charts below.

Incentive Guidelines for Individual E-Ride Rebates

E-Ride Purchase Price Range (Including tax) Incentive
Up to $499 $50
$500 - $999 $100
$1,000 - $1,999 $200
$2,000 and up $300

Incentive Guidelines for Fleet Rebates

E-Ride Purchase Price Range (Including tax) Incentive
Up to $499 $100
$500 - $999 $200
$1,000 - $1,999 $300
Over $2,000 $400

*Applicant must purchase 5 to 25 E-Ride vehicles.


  • You must receive electricity from Austin Energy.
  • You must have purchased a new E-Ride vehicle.
  • Eligibility includes having purchased electric 2- or 3-wheel bikes, scooters, motorcycles, mopeds, or segways.


  • Only 3 qualifying E-Ride Rebates of any combination, per applicant, per fiscal year (October 1 - September 30) are eligible. Fleet applicants are excluded from this limitation. 
  • Qualifying bikes must be new and purchased from Austin Energy's approved dealership list.
  • Incentive application must be submitted within 60 days of the purchase.

Austin Energy reserves the right to perform a one-time verification to confirm the authenticity of the purchase.

E-Ride Fleet Rebate Additional Requirements

  • Applicant must purchase between 5 to 25 vehicles qualifying E-bikes.
  • Bike dealers are excluded from directly applying for fleet rebate.
  • Each fleet E-bike must display Austin Energy branding (provided by Austin Energy).
  • Fleet E-bikes must be in service for at least one year.*
  • Applicant must provide a one-time report to Austin Energy on mile usage and lessons learned from implementing their E-bike fleet at the end of their in-service duration.
  • Austin Energy reserves the right to perform a one-time verification to confirm the fleet’s operation within the Austin Energy service territory within the in-service period.

*In-service requirement is waived if E-bike is damaged beyond repair and documentation is provided to support the condition.

Non-Profit Guidelines Exemptions

  • Non-profit businesses may purchase E-bikes from any dealer.
  • Non-profit businesses may operate E-bikes outside of Austin Energy service territory.
Apply for a Rebate Online

You can apply for your rebate online after you gather your E-Ride vehicle purchase invoice and specs sheet.

Are you Waiting for a Rebate?

Use the confirmation (enrollment) and the utility account numbers to check the status of your rebate application.

Verify you are purchasing a bike from an Austin Energy participating dealership. A list of participating dealerships can be found on the E-Ride Find A Dealership tab.

Apply for your Rebate Online

  • An incentive application must be submitted within 60 days of E-Ride vehicle purchase. The entire purchase receipt must be visible and must reflect a fully paid status.
  • The following documents must be uploaded with your application:
    • Copy of fully paid invoice(s) showing full cost of the E-Ride vehicle
    • Copy of bike manufacturers’ published specifications
      • A specification sheet, or spec sheet, is a document that summarizes the performance and other technical characteristics of a product.
      • We use this spec sheet to verify that the bike has a motor and battery, typical components of an E-bike.
    • If claiming the non-profit fleet rebate exclusion, proof of non-profit tax status is required.
  • Approved applicants will receive the incentive check 6 to 8 weeks from the date the application is approved.
  • The check will be issued and mailed to the Austin Energy electric account holder.

Tips for Applying Online

  • Have all required information on hand before you start.
  • Complete and submit the application in a single session.
    • Active sessions time out after one hour of inactivity.
    • You cannot save your information and start again later.
  • Scan or photograph documents and upload into the application system in any of the following file formats:
    • Adobe Acrobat PDF (.pdf)
    • Microsoft Word Document (.doc or .docx)
    • JPEG (.jpg)
    • ZIP (.zip)
  • Check your rebate status using the confirmation (enrollment) number and your City of Austin utility account number.

Email pluginaustin@austinenergy.com if you have questions about your rebate status or need help with your rebate application.

Electric Ride Participating Dealerships

All qualifying E-Ride vehicle purchases must be made through an Austin Energy-participating dealership to qualify for a rebate. Participating dealers carry a variety of makes and models. Your attached invoice must display the name of the participating dealership.

If you are an E-bike dealer and would like your company to be added to this list, please email pluginaustin@austinenergy.com for the application. To become an Austin Energy Participating Dealer, you must be an Austin Energy electric customer and your dealership must have a local Austin dedicated storefront.

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The selection of a participating contractor to perform work is the sole decision of the property owner and/or authorized lessee/occupant. Inclusion in this directory does not represent an endorsement by Austin Energy of any product, individual, or company. No work is guaranteed or warranty expressed or implied, and Austin Energy makes no guarantees as to the quality, cost, or effectiveness of the products provided and work performed by the contractor, employees, or subcontractors.

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Funding is limited and available only to Austin Energy customers on a first-come, first-served basis. Offerings are subject to change without notice.
Rebates are not guaranteed until after Austin Energy's review and approval of the rebate application. Program guidelines include additional requirements and limitations for receiving the above rebate. Contact us for more details.

Date last reviewed or modified: 11/18/19


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