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What is renewable energy?

Renewable energy is electricity generated from renewable sources such as wind, sun, biogas, and tidal energy. Energy from these sources is limitless and clean; it does not add pollution to the atmosphere. Wind power is a net zero energy source; it has zero fuel cost, zero emissions, and zero water use for production.

What Is the GreenChoice program?

GreenChoice equips you to support renewable energy by ensuring Austin Energy purchases Texas wind energy to match 100% of your usage. Subscribers to GreenChoice pay less than one cent ($0.0075) more per kilowatt hour (kWh) for energy than non-subscribers.

GreenChoice is available to residents and business owners without a contract, as a continuous subscription service that they may cancel at any time. Business owners may opt for an Energizer-level 12-month contract at the same less than one cent ($0.0075) per kWh premium, and qualify for the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) Green Power Partner Program and the City of Austin’s Green Business Leaders Program.

Commercial customers who subscribe at the Patron-level 5-year contract qualify for the EPA Green Power Partner Program, the City of Austin’s Green Business Leaders, LEED credits, and Austin Energy Green Building ratings.

Why should I subscribe to GreenChoice?

When you subscribe to GreenChoice, you make a lasting contribution to Austin's quality of life and take a leadership role in moving Austin toward its community goal of 65% renewable energy by 2027.

Subscribing to GreenChoice means that Austin Energy can purchase wind energy to meet your needs instead of electricity produced from natural gas or coal-fired power plants. Relying less on fossil fuel combustion for energy means less air pollution and less water wasted in drought-prone Texas.

Your purchase of GreenChoice energy supports growth of the renewable energy industry in Texas, which creates new jobs in the state and produces new revenues for school districts.

How is subscribing to GreenChoice like planting trees or removing cars from the road?

The electricity grid works as an interconnected network where grid operators dispatch fossil, nuclear, and renewable power generation assets simultaneously to meet electricity demand. When more renewable energy (such as wind or solar) is placed on the grid, the overall generation fuel mix becomes cleaner. 

Non-renewable energy sources (coal, natural gas) require costs, emissions, and water use. Wind power, on the other hand, is a net zero energy source: it has zero fuel cost, zero emissions, and zero water use for production. Austin Energy uses emissions factors for non-renewable fuels to calculate carbon emissions eliminated by renewable GreenChoice wind power sales. We then calculate how many trees planted or cars removed from use it would take to eliminate the same amount of emissions.

In 2018, Austin Energy customers invested in more than 758 million kWh of Texas wind power. This translates into carbon emissions offsets equivalent to the impact of planting 6 million trees, or removing more than 74,000 cars from the roads.

The Environmental Protection Agency's Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator is used to calculate equivalency numbers.

If I sign up will my home or business receive electricity generated from renewable energy?

Electricity generated by wind is not directed to a specific home or business. When you subscribe to GreenChoice, Austin Energy purchases energy to match 100% of your usage from Texas wind farms instead of purchasing that energy from natural gas or coal-fired power plants. This wind energy enters the electric system daily and reduces the amount of energy needed from fossil-fuel based power plants. As more customers subscribe to GreenChoice, the amount of fossil fuel purchases can decrease.

How will subscribing to GreenChoice affect my bill?

The GreenChoice SmartCents charge is the standard Power Supply Adjustment amount plus $0.0075 (3/4 of one penny) per kilowatt-hour (kWh). The current Power Supply Adjustment is $0.02895 per kWh. This makes the GreenChoice subscription line item charge $0.03645 per kWh.

If I sign up for the program, may I later decide to cancel?

Residential and commercial subscribers who do not have a contract can unsubscribe at any time. Austin Energy requires two billing cycles to cancel a subscription. Customers can also resubscribe to GreenChoice during the next calendar year. Subscriptions are not transferable from customer to customer.

The Energizer and Patron subscriptions for commercial customers require contracts.

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GreenChoice Energy Is Green-e® Energy Certified


GreenChoice is Green-e Energy certified and meets the environmental and consumer-protection standards set forth by the nonprofit Center for Resource Solutions. Learn more at www.green-e.org.

Date last reviewed or modified: 6/29/18

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