Austin Energy Green Power Options & Technologies

Renewable energy options for customers

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Choose 100% Wind Power for Your Home or Business

Be a wind fan – the Austin Energy way! Our GreenChoice® program is the nation’s most successful utility-sponsored and voluntary green-pricing energy program.

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Power Up with Clean, Renewable Solar

Austin Energy offers rebates and incentives to help reduce the cost of installing solar panels at your home or business. Can’t install solar at home? Community Solar options are now available.

Drive Green with Electric Vehicles

It is now easier than ever to own and drive an electric vehicle in Austin. And when you “re-fuel” at any of our 1,000+ local Austin Energy level 2 charging ports in the Plug-In EVerywhere℠ network, you’re driving on clean, GreenChoice® wind-powered energy.

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Check Current Solar Incentive Levels

Want to go solar and save money? Our solar incentives “ramp down” as new solar installations are added and capacity targets are met. Check current incentive levels and remaining capacity, and apply now for the best return on your investment.

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Shine On: Developing Energy Storage Technologies

Austin Energy is the proud recipient of multi-million dollar federal and state grants to help fund the design, deployment, and demonstration of residential, commercial, and utility-scale solar and energy storage. The three-year project is currently underway.

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