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Learn about the proposed district cooling plant in the Seaholm Eco-District and why one is needed to support growth.
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District cooling may be right for you if:

  • Your building is within a few blocks of a plant's piping network
  • You are considering an HVAC retrofit
  • You want to reduce up-front capital equipment costs with new or existing construction
  • You want to reduce ongoing equipment and maintenance costs
  • You want to reduce the requirement and cost of electrical service
  • You want to increase your real estate revenue by repurposing your roof and/or mechanical room space

What Is District Cooling?

District cooling provides customers their HVAC requirements through a network of underground pipes. It serves multiple buildings within a particular service area.

A district cooling plant distributes chilled water (approximately 44 to 45 degrees) to the customer's building through a set of heat exchangers located in the customer's mechanical room. A single plant can meet the cooling needs of several buildings.

Cool water flows between the District Cooling plants and the buildings they serve.

Benefits of District Cooling

Operationally Reliable

  • System redundancies mitigate risk
  • Amount of equipment you maintain decreases

Cost Effective

  • Substantially reduced initial capital investment
  • Lower operational and energy expenses
  • Stabilized and predictable long-term costs
  • Lower electric service equipment costs


  • Use as much or as little cooling water as you need
  • No need to worry about limited plant capacity

Enhances Your Property Value

  • Increased effective revenue-generating space — no need for chillers
  • Reduced noise and potential for environmental hazards
  • Improved comfort
  • Increased net operating income for building
  • Rooftop repurpose to pool, garden area or solar panels

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Last Updated: 8/3/17

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