Communication Attachment Inventory

Austin Energy can assist in identifying the aerial communication cables attached to Austin Energy's poles. All fees associated with the Communication Attachment Inventory Process can be found in the Austin Energy Fee Schedule (pdf). Follow the instructions below to get started. For more information contact Pole Attachment Services.

Communication Attachment Inventory Process

Communications Attachment Inventory Process

Communication Attachment Inventory Request

Inventory requests should be made prior to the site plan review and for the following reasons:

  • Converting to underground
  • Adding, removing or relocating risers
  • Communication attachment modifications

Communication Attachment Inventory Instructions

Please follow these steps before submitting an application. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

  1. Contact Austin Energy GIS for Austin Energy pole locations and numbers.
  2. Download and complete a Communication Attachment Inventory Application (xls). This detailed application identifies all poles you would like to have inventoried.

A complete application should:

  • Identify all poles that require an inventory of communication attachments.
  • Ensure all applicable tabs within the application are complete.
  1. Use the tool of your choice to create a comprehensive map of your requested route. Please ensure that:
  • The route is easily identified on the map.
  • The poles are clearly marked with pole numbers.
  • Your maps match the addresses and pole numbers provided in the application in Step 2.
  1. Complete and submit the Communication Attachment Inventory Request Form below and attach all documents you created in Steps 2 through 3. At the bottom of the request form, indicate if you want to receive an email confirmation.

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