Quick Facts

Bond Ratings
Browse Austin Energy’s bond ratings from three rating agencies along with a description of debt.

Austin Energy has four main customer classes: residential, commercial, industrial, and other. Download the annual number of customers and kWh used by class.

Electric System Equipment
Browse the number of substations, miles of transmission lines, and more by year.

Generation by Fuel Type
Austin Energy fuel types include coal, natural gas and oil, nuclear, and renewable. We also purchase some power from other power generators. Browse the percent of power generated annually by each type of fuel.

Operating Budget
For three of the last four fiscal years, Austin Energy's total requirements have exceeded total available funds. The Council-approved rate increase of 2012 will help Austin Energy become more financially stable. Browse our total available funds and total requirements.

Plant Assets
Plant assets include all of Austin Energy's system equipment, from office buildings and computers to generation and electric delivery infrastructure. Browse annual total plant assets.

Date last reviewed or modified: 5/31/18


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