Green Power Options

Renewable Energy Choices for Homes or Businesses

Wind Farm at Sunset

Our customers help participate in renewable energy efforts by acquiring additional supplies and accelerating the market for new renewable energy. 7,000+ Austin Energy customers support green energy through voluntary actions at their home or business.


As the longest running voluntary renewable energy program in Texas, GreenChoice makes it easier than ever to do something good for Austin and the environment. Commercial and residential GreenChoice subscribers add clean energy to Austin’s grid every day when choosing to meet their electricity needs with 100% renewable Texas wind.

Additionally, each municipally-owned building in the City of Austin is powered by GreenChoice. The City of Austin was the first large municipal government in the U.S. to power all of its City-owned facilities with 100 percent renewable energy.

Learn how we make it easy to subscribe to wind power through GreenChoice

Solar for Your Home or Business

When our customers generate their own electricity with solar panels, it increases their home’s value and reduces their electric bills.

In 2004, before Austin Energy started its solar rebate program, there were only four solar installation companies in the area. Now there are more than 40. We helped develop the market by offering incentives at a high enough level to encourage customers to make investments they otherwise might not have made.

As the market has grown and the cost of solar panels has steadily declined, Austin Energy has lowered its rebates, which makes funding available to a greater number of participants.

See how rebates can help lower solar installation costs for residential, multifamily and commercial properties

Did You Know?
Austin Energy has provided $44 million in solar incentives for 3,372 residential solar projects and 190 commercial solar projects since the Austin Energy Solar Program’s inception in 2004.

Community Solar: New Renewable Energy Option for Residential Customers

As the demand increases for access to solar power, Austin Energy is working to increase solar offerings by investing in a 2 MW community solar plant.

Starting in January 2017, residential customers will be able to choose community solar power for their home. With this new option, customers can go solar and meet 100% of their energy needs with energy supplied from local Community Solar projects.

Learn more about the Community Solar option for residential customers

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Last Updated: 2/1/17

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