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Austin Energy helps make Austin one of the most livable cities in the U.S. We offer rebates and loans to help lower the cost of energy-efficiency improvements to your home or business. We also develop and oversee sustainable building guidelines and offer a number of services to help our neighbors in need.

Energy Efficiency and Solar

Between 1982 and 2006, Austin Energy achieved its first conservation power plant of 700 megawatts. Austin Energy plans to offset an additional 800 megawatts through energy efficiency between 2007 and 2020.

We offer multiple rebates and low interest loans to both residential and commercial customers to help pay for energy efficiency improvements in homes and buildings.

Austin Energy also offers generous solar rebates to encourage residents to invest in this clean energy technology.

Energy efficiency and use of solar benefits us all:

  • Energy use is reduced in our community
  • Millions of dollars can be saved annually in electricity costs
  • Power plant emissions can be significantly lowered

Find out if solar is right for you

Austin Energy Rebates and Incentives

Austin Energy Rebates and Incentives can help reduce the cost of making energy efficiency improvements to your home, business, or multifamily property.

Whether you are interested in a large-scale energy performance upgrade or in making only a few improvements at a time, the PowerSaver Program has savings for you.

Learn more about energy-efficiency rebates and incentives for your home or business

Austin Energy Green Building

In 1991, Austin Energy developed the nation’s first and largest Green Building Program. Now firmly established, it is the most successful sustainable building program in the nation.

Our Green Building rating tool evaluates the sustainability of participating buildings on a scale of one to five stars (five stars being the best rating) in the areas of energy efficiency, water efficiency, materials, site, indoor environmental quality, community impact, and innovation.

Learn how to “go green” when you build, buy, or remodel a home or business

Help with High Bills for Residential Customers

The City of Austin has a long history of helping customers with their utility costs. Our comprehensive Customer Assistance Program (CAP) channels millions of dollars annually to programs that help customers facing temporary and long-term financial difficulties as well as serious medical problems. Energy efficiency improvements are also available through CAP.

  • Utility Bill Discounts Customers on low or fixed incomes who already participate in certain federal, state, or local assistance programs can benefit from the City of Austin’s CAP Discounts Program. CAP Discounts can help reduce utility bills an average of $650 a year.
  • Financial Support Plus 1 This program helps customers who are having financial difficulties and are unable to pay their utility bills due to unexpected emergencies. Austin Energy partners with local social service agencies who administer the funding to qualifying customers.
  • Payment Arrangements Payment arrangements are available to customers who fall behind on their utility bills. To enter into an arrangement, customers must pay their monthly bills on time and pay the current billed amount plus a monthly installment payment to reduce their delinquent balance.
  • Budget Billing Budget Billing is a service available to customers who prefer to avoid significant fluctuations in their monthly utility bills. To achieve this, Austin Energy takes an average of a customer's previous 12 months worth of utility bills to calculate an average utility bill payment.

Other Assistance

  • Services for the Medically-Vulnerable The City of Austin offers a Medically Vulnerable Registry for customers with a long-term disease, ailment, or critical illness. Eligible customers receive additional time to pay their bills and receive one-on-one case management.
  • Weatherization Assistance Austin Energy helps qualifying customers lower their energy costs and improve their comfort with free home energy improvements. Improvements include but are not limited to attic insulation, minor duct repair and sealing, weather stripping, and solar screens. The average home receives $3,500 worth of improvements.
Last Updated: 3/7/17

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