Benefits of Public Power

Our Earnings Help Support the Austin Community

Publicly owned electric utilities provide low-cost, reliable electric service. They also are directly accountable to the communities they serve through local governing boards and direct customer input.

Local Earnings, Local Control

Being a publicly owned power company benefits the citizens of Austin.

The Austin City Council serves as the utility’s board of directors and our customers help shape our strategic goals and overall utility style.

We have been locally owned and operated since 1895 and we are funded by our revenues, not taxes.

We use our earnings to support the Austin community. Each year, Austin Energy contributes more than $100 million to the City of Austin to help pay for services such as parks, libraries, and public safety. These local investments help drive economic growth and contribute to Austin’s attractive and vibrant quality of life.

With local control, Austin Energy is able to make business decisions that are important to our customers — such as investing dollars in electric system reliability and allocating millions of dollars to help low-income residents pay their utility bills.

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Local control also helps Austin Energy to prioritize energy efficiency programs and to support our clean power strategy for reduced emissions and sustainable power supplies.

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Local ownership also allows for collaboration with clean tech companies that are developing advanced energy management systems and growing green jobs.

 Public Power Benefits You

  • Austin Energy customers can influence policy makers
  • Our policies reflect community values and priorities
  • Rates are affordable, competitive, and stable
  • Annual dividends go to the community
  • Austin Energy supports the local economy
Last Updated: 10/2/18

Customer Services
Disability Assistance

TDD: 512-477-3663
Relay Texas: 7-1-1

City of Austin ADA Office

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