Austin Energy Data Library

Bad Debt Expense
Bad debt expense is an estimate of the amount of revenue billed in any fiscal year that is deemed uncollectible. Browse bad debt expense data starting in 2006.

Bond Ratings
A bond rating is a measure of a utility’s credit quality which includes the ability to repay its debt in a timely fashion. Browse Austin Energy’s bond ratings from three rating agencies along with a description of debt.

Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) Expenditures
Capital improvement expenditures include building or upgrading power plants, chillers, facilities, and information technology infrastructure, for example. This table shows annual expenditures for capital improvements.

Debt Service Coverage
A debt management strategy has been implemented to lower our debt-to-equity ratio. This has strengthened our bond ratings. Download debt-to-equity percent, debt service coverage ratio, and other debt-related data starting in 2005.

Disconnects for Non-Pay
The City of Austin gives customers 17 days to pay their utility bill from the date of issuance. This table shows the number of accounts disconnected for non-payment starting in 2002. Disconnects are suspended during certain periods of extreme heat or cold.

General Fund Transfer
Austin Energy transfers revenue to the City of Austin to help fund services such as police, fire, emergency medical services, parks, and libraries. Scan total annual transfers (data starts in 1999) or view annual transfers to individual programs (data starts in 2000).

Operating Budget
For three of the last four fiscal years, Austin Energy's total requirements have exceeded total available funds. The Council-approved rate increase of 2012 will help Austin Energy become more financially stable. Browse our total available funds and total requirements data starting in 2007.

Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Expenditures
Austin Energy's operating budget includes Operations & Maintenance, fuel costs, debt service payments, and cash transfers to the Capital Improvements Project fund. Download our annual operating budget data starting in 2007.

Date last reviewed or modified: 07/01/2021