Summer Pop-Up Events at City of Austin Utility Customer Service Centers

June 10, 2024

Austin Energy, Austin Water, Austin Resource Recovery, and the City of Austin Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management are joining forces this summer to help customers with emergency preparedness, efficiency, and sustainability.

Information, demonstrations, and giveaway items – including a Solar Power Bank to help keep your mobile phone charged in case of power outages – will be offered at utility customer service centers at three locations June 11-13.

Customers can also pick up low-flow shower heads courtesy of Austin Water. Austin Resource Recovery is providing reusable shopping bags and BPI-certified compostable bags. The City of Austin Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management will share Neighborhood Preparedness Guides to help individuals and families make a plan before an emergency. Quantities are limited, so please arrive early.

Customers can pick up these supplies, while they last, at City of Austin Utilities Customer Service Centers (UCSC) this week:

UCSC — North
8716 Research Blvd., Suite 115
Tuesday, June 11, 2024
8 -11 a.m., or while supplies last

UCSC — South
1901 W. William Cannon Drive, Suite 100
Wednesday, June 12, 2024
8 -11 a.m., or while supplies last

UCSC — East
2800 Webberville Rd.
Thursday, June 13, 2024
8 -11 a.m., or while supplies last

Austin Energy Helps You Get Ready for Emergency Weather

Extreme weather happens year-round, so prepare now for Austin’s hottest months. Austin Energy offers lots of online resources to help you prepare.

Austin Water Encourages Summer Conservation

As drought conditions continue, it’s important that we all help conserve our precious resources. Austin Water wants to help you save money this summer with simple conservation tips.

  • Water your lawn only on your assigned day and times. We are currently in Stage 2 Watering Restrictions. Always check the website for current schedules.
  • Take shorter showers (five minutes). If you take a bath, fill the tub half full.
  • Install faucet aerators and low-flow showerheads
  • Join the My ATX Water Customer Portal to view water use data and get alerts from Austin Water. More at

Austin Resource Recovery Promotes Sustainability

Sustainability matters more than ever. Austin Resource Recovery will share tips on composting and recycling properly and staying updated on collection services during an emergency.

  • Compost spoiled food and food scraps in your green composting cart.
  • Recycle empty plastic, glass and metal food containers in your blue recycling cart.
  • Download the Austin Recycles app and sign up for service alerts to stay updated on collection services during an emergency.
  • Use the 'What Do I Do With...' tool in the Austin Recycles app to find out how to dispose of an item properly.
  • Learn more about recycling and composting at

Austin Homeland Security and Emergency Management Encourages Summer Emergency Preparedness

Summers in Austin bring potential for a variety of weather-related emergencies. From wildfires to extreme heat to hurricanes, it is important to be prepared.

  • Follow the four pillars of preparedness: make a plan, build a kit, know your neighbors, and stay informed.
  • Learn tips for preparing for emergencies of summer at and begin building your emergency preparedness kit today.
  • Stay informed by signing up to receive information in a variety of ways or following us on social media.
    • Sign up at to receive alerts, letting you know when to take immediate action to stay safe.
    • In an emergency, follow to get up to date emergency information in 14 languages.
    • Follow @AustinHSEM on Facebook and X
    • Receive emergency alerts in American Sign Language (ASL). Register through the City’s Accessible Hazard Alert System (AHAS), or for quick SMS registration text AHAS to (737) 241-3710. Austin and Travis County AHAS subscribers will be able to receive an accessible alert message in ASL and English voice and text.