56th Annual Zilker Holiday Tree Installation

November 4, 2022

On Nov. 2, Austin Energy crews strung 3,309 lights on the iconic Moonlight Tower in Zilker Park transforming it into the Zilker Holiday Tree. Our community will come together Sunday, Nov. 27 for the 56th Annual Zilker Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony.

As featured in the video linked below, crews hung lights in just the right color order to create the famous “swirl” pattern. The secret is the yellow bulb placement along the 39 light strands that shape the tree. The 155-foot tree is topped with two 10-foot stars and can be seen from all around the city. Once the lights are turned on, it’s fun to stand under the multi-colored tree and spin around. The spinning brings the swirl pattern to life, animating the tree for everyone to enjoy.

The moonlight tower in Zilker Park is one of the original 31 towers that provided the City of Austin its first urban lighting system in 1895. Only 17 of Austin’s original moonlight towers remain and serve as the only working moonlight towers in the world. Over the years, the moonlight towers and the Zilker Holiday Tree have become Austin icons and a beloved community tradition.

Watch the history of Austin’s moonlight towers (video)