Energy Efficiency & Solar

Energy Conservation Audit and Disclosure Ordinance
The Austin City Council approved the Energy Conservation Audit and Disclosure Ordinance in 2008. Browse the number and percent of audits as well as the number and type of energy improvements made after the audits for single family, multifamily, and commercial customers.

Energy Efficiency Annual Energy Savings
Participants in Austin Energy’s residential, commercial, and Green Building energy efficiency programs save millions of kWh annually. Download kWh saved for each program each year.

Energy Efficiency Avoided Emissions
Austin Energy's energy efficiency programs help reduce the amount of air-polluting emissions released by power plants into the atmosphere. This spreadsheet shows carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, suspended particulates, and volatile organic compounds / non-methane organic compounds avoided by participants in our residential, commercial, and Green Building programs in 2012.

Energy Efficiency Peak Demand Reduction
Our energy efficiency programs are designed to reduce the amount of load on the electric system. View annual peak demand reduction in MW for residential, commercial, and Green Building programs.

Energy Efficiency Program Expenditures
Austin Energy funds dozens of programs to help customers pay for energy efficiency improvements. View the amount of program funds disbursed by year.

Energy Efficiency Program Participation
Between 1982 and 2006, our energy efficiency programs offset the need to build a 700 megawatt (MW) power plant. Browse the number of participants in our residential, commercial, and Green Building energy efficiency programs by year.

Electric Vehicles
Austin Energy operates a network of electric vehicle charging stations powered by renewable energy through our GreenChoice® program. Scan the list of more than 150 publicly accessible charging stations.

Free Weatherization Program
Austin Energy offers free home energy improvements to qualifying customers. Each of the homes reduces its energy use by an average of about 1,200 kilowatt-hours annually due to these improvements. Download the number of homes receiving improvements by year.

Green Building Education
Austin Energy Green Building education programs reach out to the entire community — from the casually interested to building professionals. This spreadsheet includes the number of attendees at seminars, classes, tours and other events.

Green Building Energy Code Compliance
Austin Energy Green Building is responsible for development of the City's Energy Code. Scan the number of permits and energy savings resulting from application of the code to new construction. Data starts in Fiscal Year 2007 and covers single family, multifamily, and commercial permits.

Green Building Program
Austin Energy Green Building ratings evaluate the sustainability of participating single family, multifamily and commercial buildings on a scale of one to five stars in the areas of energy efficiency, water efficiency, materials, site, indoor environmental quality, community impact and innovation. View the program performance savings metrics achieved since Fiscal Year 2007. 

Green Building Commercial Ratings (xls)
Browse the names, addresses, and ratings of commercial buildings that participated in the Green Building program.

Green Building Multifamily Ratings (xls)
View the names, addresses, and ratings of multifamily buildings that participated in the Green Building program.

Power Partner Thermostat Program
Power Partner was launched in 2013 and is a voluntary program for residential customers who use internet-connected thermostats. View dates and times, starting in calendar year 2006, when we used either this or its predecessor voluntary program to reduce residential energy demand.

Refrigerator Recycling Program
Austin Energy offered customers a rebate for recycling their working refrigerator or freezer. View the number of refrigerators recycled, energy savings in MWh, CO₂ avoided, and more. This 11-year program ended in September 2016.

Solar for Schools
Austin Energy's Solar for Schools Program promotes the use of solar energy and educates students on the benefits of solar power. Browse the list of schools with solar energy installations, date the project was completed, system costs, and the estimated annual energy produced in kWh. Additional summary data starts in 2004 and includes the number of projects, average cost per project, and more.

Solar on City Facilities
Austin Energy selects high profile locations such as City buildings, libraries, and schools for solar projects. This table includes the location name, address, year installed, and system size in kW.

Solar Rebate Program
Our solar energy rebate programs help residential, commercial, municipal, and school customers install solar energy systems. Download dollars spent and kW generated annually.

Date last reviewed or modified: 5/21/19

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